Our competencies in strategic business wargaming are based on numerous successes in various industries and projects (selection):


  • Deriving a defense strategy for an international health care company as a response to expansion efforts by an important competitor.
  • Investigating production locations and estimating the cost structures of competitors for a large, German industrial company
  • Developing competitor profiles and customer reports for a regional chemical company.
  • Risk analysis for the threat from the merger of two competitors to an international health care company 
  • Industry structure and risk analysis for assessing a business process innovation at a German mechanical engineering company


  • Expansion strategy to enter a new market with high investment requirements for a leading European logistics company
  • Strategic response by a leading chemical company to the risk of disappearing product differentiation (commoditization) by imitators and nervous behaviour by the North American market leader.
  • Competition strategy and capacity planning for an international company in the chemical industry for the threat from another western player and the new entry of two Asian competitors.
  • Strategic reaction by a leading chemical industry company to the market entry of a new competitor in the Asian market.
  • Expansion strategy after a technological jump whilst considering the response of a large customer for a large company in the health industry. 
  • Simultaneous country-specific price/quantity management for an international player in the health industry.
  • Strategy development for a European pharmaceutical company before the end of a patent relating to an important medicine.


  • Setting up competitor screening and integration in the strategy control process for a European pharmaceutical company.
  • Organizational anchoring of competitive intelligence with implementation of a competitor wiki in an international chemical industry company.
  • Setting up a European tender database and comparison with the regional sales maps in a large company in the health industry.
  • Installing a strategic early warning system for a German automotive supplier.
  • Implementing and organizational anchoring of a competitor and customer intranet solution for a leading raw material company.